Putte I Parken is a Swedish music festival that takes place in Mariebergsskogen, the city park of Karlstad, between the 2nd and 4th of July 2015.



Check out all our booked artists here. There is more to come.



The festival is for free, no need to buy tickets. Very welcome!


Age Limits

0-6 years: Free entrance with parent or guardian.
7-12 years: Adolescent pass with parent or guardian.
13-14 years: Regular festival pass with parent or guardian.
15 years and older need a regular festival pass.


Travel to Putte I Parken

Travel by bus with Swebus to Karlstad Busstation, by train with SJ or Tågkompaniet to Karlstad C or by plane to Karlstad Airport.



Be sure to send your questions to info@putteiparken.se, and we will help you with additional information.



If you are working for press or the music industry you can apply for accreditation. The accreditation is not yet open.